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Chittagong Division is the largest of the seven administrative divisions of Bangladesh.
Akaura is an Upazila of Brahmanbaria District in Chittagong Division.

Areca nuts for chewing
14/08/09 12:57:44
14/08/09 12:58:48
Last village before Indian border
14/08/09 13:16:54
Fruits shop
14/08/09 13:16:56
On the way to the border / Women and a child
14/08/09 13:17:56
On the way to the border / Wooden bridge
14/08/09 13:23:26
On the way to the border / Fishing net
14/08/09 13:23:36
CNGs(mini taxi) at the border / They are waiting for customer from India
14/08/09 13:36:34


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