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Vatican City is the smallest sovereign state in the world. It is surrounded by the castle wall and looks like a fortified city when seen from the outside.

The northernmost castle wall
The deep part that looks to the right is the entrance to the art museum and people are lined up long before the opening hours.
16/12/20 16:17:10
In Roma, soldiers are wary of terrorism. The outside of the Vatican is also Roma, so it is no exception.
16/12/20 16:17:28
Reliefs on the wall
16/12/20 16:22:16
St. Anne's Gate
The gate for staffs
16/12/20 16:24:38
The Gate for St. Peter's Square
16/12/20 16:26:38
Line for the art museum
16/12/20 18:38:04
A view from Via Concilazione
04/07/16 14:01:56
.San Pietro

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