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Tarxien is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in along with the other Megalithic temples of Malta.
The Three Cities is a collective description of the three fortified cities of Birgu, Senglea and Cospicua in Malta.

00/04/06 01:11:54
Altar at the rear of the South Temple
00/04/06 01:21:16
Fort St. Angelo (Birgu)
00/04/06 01:30:04
Street (Senglea)
00/04/15 00:02:48
Observation tower (Senglea)
00/04/14 23:53:36
City Gate (Birgu)
00/04/14 23:33:50
Street (Birgu)
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.Mosta, Rabat
.Tarxien and 3 Cities

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