Gallery Pitcairn Islands

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The isolated Island
Rope / Prehistoric drawings in the bottom of the cliff, which is evidence that has been inhabited since ancient times.Although this observatory to see the drawings, we can not see because of poor placement binoculars.
Anchor of the Bounty : This island was uninhabited for long. In 1790 nine sailors who rebelled against British arrived by the Boundy. They kidnapped 12 Tahitian women and 6 Tahitian men, so they are 27 peoples.
Cannon on the Bounty : The ship was burned to destroy evidence since fled, all that had been landed before that can help.
Christian Cave: Flecher Christian who were rebel leader had always been a sea from here to know if pursuers come or not.
John Adams Tomb: The revolt that led to the Tahitian who had been a slave to slave, started killing each other on the island, eventually evolved into killing one another from the British sailors. After 18 years , an adult man survived is the only John Adams, and 10 women and 23 children also survived. Here is the tomb of John Adams and his two wives
A boat left: Population were over 200 a few decades ago, but now 50. Boats and houses are left abandoned around the island.
School: British colonial power did not do anything until it changed its position in the wake of an incident which was knowned in 1999 and began at once to the infrastructure. While currently no student, it can receive high school and college education here.